Fund Raising 2016-17 School Year

St. Joseph Parish School Family Fundraising Obligation

As part of St. Joseph Parish School’s budget, money raised from school fundraisers is a crucial part of covering our expenses. This helps keep tuition down and is a way for families to contribute to their child’s educational costs without higher tuition fees.

In order to involve all families in financially supporting their child’s education, St. Joseph’s School has a $400 family fundraising obligation which begins in June and runs throughout the school year. Each family will raise $400 through our various fundraisers. Kindergarten families new to our school have a $200 obligation because they are learning the various fundraisers.

Families have the following options for meeting their fundraising obligation:

  1. Earn all of the money through our three fundraisers (Calendar Raffle, Fall Fundraiser, Walk for Virtues)
  2. Write a check to the school if you choose not to participate in our fundraisers.
  3. Do a combination of 1 & 2. Earn a portion of the money through fundraisers, and write a check for the difference.

We will keep track of your fundraising efforts. You will receive quarterly reports throughout the year with your child’s report cards.

A few families may need assistance meeting their fundraising obligation. We have generous parishioners who would like to help our school families. We have created a parish/school partnership called “Adopt a Family.” This program is available for those families who truly have a need. You can apply for the Adopt a Family program at the parish or school office. If you qualify, parish families who wish to will participate in our school fundraisers will donate their portion to the families in need. Adopt a Family need and acceptance will be determined by our parish finance office.

With this program, all families will work together to equally fund our children’s education. St. Joseph Parish contributes around half of the total school budget, and it is important that each school family share in our financial responsibility. St. Joseph Parish School gives our children and families so many precious gifts, and it is our duty to give back when we receive so much. The parish and school continue to work on financial solutions to ensure the longevity of our school and keep your tuition reasonable. With all of us working together, we can ensure that St. Joseph School and Catholic education is available to all who desire it today and in the future.

Calendar Raffle

St. Joseph School/Parish Calendar Raffle is a fundraiser that runs through the entire school year.  Parents and parishioners may pick up books of raffle tickets from the school or parish office to sell beginning August 27, 2015, and sell through January 30, 2016.  Each ticket, or calendar, is $20.  Each calendar represents one chance to win two monetary prizes which will be given away every Tuesday from January-May.  Parents and parishioners will sell the tickets and return the ticket stub and money collected to the school or parish office.

One hundred percent of this fundraiser goes to the school and will be added to your fundraising total.  This is a great opportunity to ask family members, friends, neighbors, co-workers, etc., to purchase a chance to win a cash prize and to support you in the financial obligation of sending your child to a Catholic school.

Fall Fundraiser - Reading Rewards Magazine Drive

St. Joseph Parish School has partnered with Great American Opportunities and for our Fall Fundraiser – Reading Rewards Magazine Drive

Use this link to access the Great American Store website for your shopping:
** if you do not use this link and just go to, click on “Shop Now” and enter our organization ID: 2624690.

Those shopping online have access to a wide variety of products: magazines, digital subscriptions, photo keepsakes and gift items.

If you choose to participate in this magazine drive, 40% of your total sales will be added to your fundraising obligation.

Walk for Virtues

The Walk for Virtues fundraiser will be held April 29, 2016.  It is a community-wide effort to gain moral and financial support for Catholic education.  It is a fun and purposeful activity for every person in the Prescott community, and family members and friends are invited to participate in this event with your child.

The Walk is designed to help raise awareness and show support for our school.  St. Joseph’s makes an invaluable contribution to society in general and to the local community in particular by integrating Christian virtues within our educational curriculum.

One hundred percent of this fundraiser goes to the school and will be added to your fundraising total.  This is a great opportunity to ask family members and friends to sponsor your child on this walk.  It is a way for grandmas & grandpas, aunts & uncles, cousins, other family and friends to assist you in the financial obligation of sending your child to a Catholic school.

Box Tops for Education & Labels for Education

This fundraising initiative does not go toward your fund raising obligation but it does benefit our school.

Box Tops for Education Marketplace

Box Tops are a great way to raise money for our school.  Every box top earns us $.10  You can bring in your clipped box tops to the school office or give them to your child’s teacher.  For more information on eligible products, visit the Box Tops website:

box tops

School Store is an easy, safe way for our school to earn money. Everything is online, and there are no direct sales.